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We started volunteering at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) a month ago. Their motto is “Give a man a fish. Teach a man to fish. Stock the pond for all.”

The IFFS motto aligns with SHAPE’s goal of teaching men and women how to develop sustainable businesses to help their families and communities prosper. We are learning about daily life at the farm and what it requires to be successful at sustainable farming.

IFFS chicken coop


The chicken coop design helps to provide adequate air flow and the slanted roof allows for proper rain drainage. Raising the coop off the ground with concrete blocks allows for more efficient clean up.





The chick nursery

The transportable chicken coop is a place for the young chickens that are the new chicks on the block. Introducing new chickens can be precarious. It takes time for them to be accepted by the older chickens. By keeping the chicks in this screened in enclosure, the older chickens have time to get used to the new chicks presence.





It is best to have no more than one rooster per 12 hens. Roosters tend to be territorial so it is not hard to imagine the result of having two or more roosters sharing the same space.

The Rooster is very protective of his hens



The chickens go crazy when an egg is dropped









Observing chickens often is an educational experience for learning the behavioral patterns of animals. A broken egg that dropped was quickly consumed by the hens. Nothing is wasted in nature. The egg is a protein package for the chickens, but allowing hens to eat eggs has its downfalls. Once they taste an egg they develop an affinity for it. They can go to the extreme of pecking fresh eggs and then eating them.

Keep a look out for more articles on our experiences volunteering on a farm!

Written by Elizabeth Mann

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