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Odette with her family and John Mann during his trip in 2012

Odette is a teacher in Burundi [Photo above, third from the left], living in a typical Burundi home – clay or mud bricks for walls and a dirt floor. A teacher's pay in Burundi is barely enough for survival. SHAPE International is working to help Odette and other women like her. We provide these women with training and equipment to start their own businesses.

Harvesting moringa leaves

Last year we taught Odette and several other women how to harvest leaves and seeds from the moringa tree. Moringa is a fast growing tree with leaves that are high in nutrition. The fresh leaves from the Oleifera variety have 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium of milk, and 3 times the potassium of bananas, 4 times the iron in spinach, as much protein as in eggs, and 4 times more Vitamin A than carrots. This nutrition is exactly what can impact the lives of malnourished children, pregnant mothers, the elderly, and HIV/AIDS patients.

Melance - one of the farmers in our program

[ Above: Melance is one of the farmers that SHAPE works with in Burundi ]

The seeds can be pressed to make cooking oil and to make a healing oil for skin. There are many trees growing in the villages where these women live. However, they need to plant more trees and they need to pay for transportation to get the products to market. We are negotiating a contract with a buyer in nearby Rwanda who will purchase all of the seed the women can harvest.

Moringa trees

How can you help? We are raising funds to plant more trees, provide transportation for the products, purchase processing equipment, and to hire more workers to help with the harvest. We are raising $500 to fund Phase 1. Phase 1 includes harvesting all of the currently available seed, putting the seed in 50 kg bags, and shipping the seed to Rwanda. We will use the payment from the sale of these seeds to help fund Phase 2. Phase 2 includes planting trees in the villages where the women in our program live.

Fundraiser for growing Moringa which will help supply jobs to the local people.

Moringa seeds





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