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kids from streets

For a minute, try to imagine what it is like to live each day with little hope of succeeding in life. This is what kids roaming the streets of Africa face every day. Without proper education they have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. They live with the fear of going hungry and being alone. Approximately 50% of the children in the rural Cibitoke province (within Burundi, Africa) where our program is located are not able to attend school due to a variety of factors. Public education is free, but because many parents live on less then a $1 a day, they are unable to purchase uniforms, books, and school supplies. These seem like such simple and readily available items, but with little money to buy them the children cannot attend school.


The 23 children in our sponsorship program receive one nutritious meal a day, additional tutoring, and supplemental Biblical training. Our goal is to double the number of children in the program through the gifts of people like you.

Jean Marie with the children in our sponsorship program

Each child receives a uniform, shoes, books, school supplies, and back pack at the beginning of the year. After school they receive a meal of rice and beans. We have a special party for them at Christmas time where they receive a gift box and a new outfit. The total cost to sponsor a child for one year is $360 which works out to $30 per month.

If you go on the SHAPE website the first program listed is the sponsorship program. You can learn more about it and donate to change a child’s life at

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