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Solar lantern

When you think about light it really is an astounding thing. For instance a flashlight though small can illuminate a dark bridge making it possible to walk safely across. Light shines into darkness. Light overcomes darkness and is a sign of enduring hope. So what does this have to do with a solar lantern? This small gadget can has the power to replace kerosene which is a non-renewable fuel with a light powered by solar. The Sun King Pro Solar Lantern has enough power to be 10x brighter than kerosene. It produces up to 30 hrs. of low light, 12 hrs. of normal, or 6 hrs. of bright light from one day of charging. Its greatest use is as a phone charger in countries that are in poverty.

Melance teaching 23 people about solar lanterns

Melance taught 23 people how to use solar lanterns. The solar lanterns are a more environmentally responsible choice, but education is key to making them a success.

Solar panel connected to light

The solar lantern has a 5-metre cable that connects the solar panel to a light fixture. It also includes 5 of the most common adapters to make it usable with most phones.

solar lantern

Solar is an incredible thing and it is free powered through the sun! Having these solar lanterns in Burundi, Africa is a group effort. Those that are part of the training pull their money together to purchase and share them. Even the simplest of things can make a difference.

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