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When you change the life of a child, you have the chance to change the future of a country. Education gives a child a greater chance of success. They have access to more knowledge that they can later use to get a job and support their family. They become leaders in their communities. When you raise up good leaders in a community, you begin to reshape the infrastructure of the community.

In Africa and many other countries, there are children who can’t attend school simply because their parents can’t afford school supplies, books, and uniforms. SHAPE International provided resources so more children have the opportunity to attend school. The children receive a nutritious lunch after school which is prepared by local women. Right now, we have 23 children in our sponsorship program, but would like to expand. You can sponsor a child by going to our home page on SHAPE and clicking “Sponsor a Child.”


These are the children in our sponsorship program who have received the supplies they need for school. The smiles on their faces is priceless! What a treasure to help a child who lives in poverty everyday and give them reason to smile.


All the children in their new uniforms.


John Mann of SHAPE International passing out organic lollipops to the kids.


There are still many children who need resources so they can attend school. Please join us in the effort to provide more street children with what they need for a good education because every child matters and should be given a chance to succeed! Sponsoring a child is a great way to make a difference this upcoming Christmas season.

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