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Burundi is in need of new business opportunities. Moringa has opened doors to make this happen. SHAPE believes in giving a hand up versus a hand out. It is easy to give away money, but to actually take the time to teach someone a trade so they can earn money on their own requires much more effort. In Burundi, that is the position SHAPE International has taken. We are beginning to see results and returns after years of hard work! The phrase “You reap what you sow” rings true here. Years of work may produce little results, but in time progress is made. Sometimes the benefits can come all at once. I hope you will rejoice with us as we share our successes.

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The members of our program in Burundi have sold 647 kgs (about 1500 Ibs) of Moringa seed so far. A Rwandan company has purchased the seeds to produce oil that can be used in cosmetics. The process involves crushing the seeds with an oil press and then filtering it to remove impurities. This is wonderful news after so much hard work.

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In three years a Moringa tree can yield 400-600 pods annually and a mature tree can produce up to 1,600 pods. The pods are the storage centers for the seeds. The young pods can actually be cooked as you would asparagus and when they are older can be shelled and stored like green peas. Our main focus though is extracting oil from the Moringa, but this just goes to show how many uses they have.

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Hard work = Big return

2 responses to “Moringa Produces Big Harvests

  1. Good Evening,
    I am highly interested in your respective program of Moringa Production. This very year I personally have the intention of planting two Hectres of Moringa Plants out of the Sixty Hectres that I have for a Start because I learned that the seeds are very important to humans.
    And at last I"d like to use this opportunity to thank you once again for enlightening us about this big opportunity.I am Muhammad Fallata El Arabi from kano State, Nigeria.
    M.F. El Arabi.

    • John Mann says:

      We are so glad to hear about your Moringa project. Please keep us updated and send us photos. We would love to share them on our Facebook page.

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