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As we speak (or as I type), the SHAPE Eco Farm project is under way! This exciting family endeavor is well on its way. The papers are signed and the land is ours. The construction loan has been finalized and phase 2 has begun. Clearing an area for our home and drive way has begun. Environmental sustainability is an important part of our farm so we are going through all the legal papers to make sure it is done right and that as many trees as possible are kept standing. We are basically starting from scratch which is no easy task, but the fruit of our labors is worth it literally for we’ve already got some fruit trees in the ground. That will be for a future post. So join me as I take you through our journey and lay the ground work (pun intended) for future entries.


The first area that needed clearing is where our shed will go. This is where we will be able to store all our tools.



This is the design we have chosen for our shed. We drove an hour to a location where they showcased all the options and this was the winner! There were some runner-ups, but we all agreed on this one. It is very spacious which is precisely what we need. It will be located near the garden.


With fall here the leaves are, well, falling. I was so proud of our accomplishment of raking out a path just to return a couple weeks later to have it covered in leaves once again!


To prepare for the garden and fruit orchard we had to do a soil test. With such intense clay soil it required a pick-axe to get the job done. Dad had to really put his back into it to get the samples. We had to take dirt from 15 different areas and then mix them together to insure a good sample for testing. We had to do that twice because we had to test the soil for the fruit orchard as well!



Our temporary bridge has been laid out. We hope to eventually have a more reliable and sturdy one, but they can be pricey so we made do with some 12 ft. long 4x6 beams. Unfortunately dad (John Mann founder of SHAPE) ended up having the board land on his finger resulting in a rather blackish/purple finger nail. There are plenty of mistakes and learning experiences to go through when starting to homestead. I look forward to sharing more with all of you as we go through this journey together.

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