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The tree removal for our home on SHAPE Eco Farm is now complete. Space was also cleared for our new barn. It was amazing to watch the bull dozer remove the trees with little effort. It takes about 1/2 acre of clearing to have enough room for the home and barn. The garden will go on the side where there is a plentiful amount of sunlight. On our farm we will also be raising rabbits and chickens. I will be raising butterflies, teaching workshops, and managing the vegetable garden.


The photo above shows the footers for our farm house. The footers are filled with concrete and form the foundation for the house. Bricklayers will build the foundation wall on the concrete foundation. The house will be brought in on a crane and will sit on the foundation wall.


Our barn was brought in on a tractor trailer. One of the hardest parts was maneuvering it up the drive way. Thankfully, the clay soil was dry on that day because when it is wet there is a greater risk of getting stuck.


The barn was lowered off the truck and then repositioned to its permanent location.


We placed concrete blocks underneath the barn for stability and leveled it out.


Here is the inside view. We selected this barn because of the size and the extra storage above. It is a great addition to our farm and will serve its use for storing all our garden equipment. The next big step is the house arriving! It is a modular home so they will build it in the factory and then bring it in on a tractor trailer.


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