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Cleared land

For SHAPE Eco Farm we are starting from scratch which requires careful planning. Building in this manner has its stressful moments, but it is rewarding to see the completion of the various projects that need to be finished. Above is the land right after the clearing was done. This space allows for the house, barn, driveway, and garden to be added. Since the property is 5 acres, we still have a lot of forest trees in place. We only cleared what had to be cleared. There has to be a minimum of a 30 foot clearing around the house for safety since there are so many trees.

Building foundation

The foundation took a week to complete. It takes an additional 2 weeks for it to cure enough for the house to be set on the foundation. It rained 2 days after the concrete was poured, but the concrete has still be able to cure properly.


The foundation wall is 5 feet tall on the north side and 3 feet on the south side. Brick by brick our dream is being accomplished.


John Mann next to the foundation. The house has to go on top of this! We are going to have some mighty tall stairs on this side of the house. There will be a concrete pad and a carport where John is standing. We plan to use this area for outdoor workshops. There will be a stairway leading to the mud room.

John and Kim Mann by sign for our home

We are purchasing a modular home from Homes by Vanderbuilt. The home is built in a factory and then brought in on three trailers that are 68 feet long and are pulled by a 25 foot long tractor. Each section is 16 feet wide. They will use a special remote controlled tractor to pull the trailers up our steep driveway. As soon as the foundation has fully cured the house will be brought in. We are looking forward to having our house in place and plan on moving in April.

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