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Joshua reading directions

On SHAPE Eco Farm this week, we focused on building Joshua’s rabbit hutch (Joshua is above), planting a fig tree, and moving limbs so they can be put through a chipper. Joshua really has gotten the “rabbit bug” or as he puts it “rabbit fever.” The topic comes up in many of his conversations. It has led him to spend more time reading, and he enjoys watching youtube videos on raising rabbits. The plan is to raise them as petting animals when groups come to our farm, and he will also be raising meat rabbits.

Building rabbit hutch

The construction process went smoothly. It was an early Christmas present. The hutch is very sturdy and made with cedar wood which releases a very pleasant aroma and holds up to the weather. It even comes with a playing area and a tray so the rabbit droppings can be collected. One of the beneficial aspects of rabbit raising for gardeners are that the droppings make great fertilizer!

Finished rabbit hutch

Joshua is so happy to have his rabbit hutch. Now all he needs are some rabbits. We plan to purchase the rabbits in the spring.

Cage for fig tree

Our fruit orchard continues to expand. Our latest edition is a Brown Turkey variety of fig tree. We already have Celeste and wanted to add a different variety. This makes a grand total of 7 fruit trees. The apple trees are doing great and need the cooler weather that comes from the north. You won’t find any large apple trees in Florida!

Home foundation

Here is a good view of the foundation. When the house arrives, I will post pictures of the process.

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