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Flying house

On January 9th, our modular home was delivered to SHAPE Eco Farm. The scenario for building our home is not what you would initially picture when you think of home construction. Instead of an on site construction with months of work, our home was built in a factory and brought in by truck in three sections. If you’ve seen half of a home passing by while driving down the highway, you may have a better image in your mind. Now hold onto that image and picture a home “flying” in the air as it is lifted up by a crane. Imagine it going higher and higher and then being repositioned to be set on a foundation. What would you feel if you had to watch your house dangle in the air? The process isn’t perfect and mistakes are bound to happen, but we knew that we could trust the professionals to get the job done.

House TugCrane

To the left is the House Tug that directed our house up the driveway. It is a remote controlled machine. To the right, is the crane that lifted our house.

Moving house

There were three sections to our house. Here is the first one that arrived and the House Tug is ready to do its job.

Positioning boards

Boards were used to help guide the home up the drive way. The clay soil did not make the job easy.

Tight fit

It was a very tight fit, but our house made it through.

Moving House Tug

Even the House Tug needed a lift from the crane after getting stuck.

View of inside house

With the plastic removed, we were able to see right through the house. We had a clear view of the kitchen and living room area.

Second section of house

Section two went for an 180 degree spin before being set down on the foundation.


The house fit nicely on the foundation, but because of the height, the door was exceptionally high up. We had to use a ladder to get inside!


The house quickly went from no roof to having a roof. How did it get done so quickly? Well, the roof simply “pops” up. All that is required is a literal roof raising and then some finishing touches. Our home is now ready for inside construction.

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