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On January 11th a large storm producing record winds of 86 mph went through parts of North Carolina. Our property in Wake Forest was one of the places to be impacted by the storm. We went to our farm on Sunday afternoon with the hopes that nothing disastrous had happened. Thankfully our new home was not damaged, but a window in our barn was shattered and at least 9 pine trees fell over. You can see one of the fallen pine trees above and the massive expanse of its roots.


The trees snapped like toothpicks as hurricane force winds went through. It is amazing how much damage can accumulate in such a short time span. We are starting efforts to clean up the debris. Fallen limbs cover the property and a chain saw is necessary to start clearing the large pine trees.

01-IMG_2869 - Copy02-IMG_2870 - Copy

A large branch smashed into our barn window, but it is now repaired.

05-IMG_2876 - Copy

The rain from the storm left quite a mess and plenty of mud puddles.

IMG_2955 04-IMG_2872 - Copy

The photo on the left is my sister Andrea and me standing amongst the branches of a fallen pine tree. To the right is a limb that was just inches from hitting our home. We were thankful that no damage occurred to our home and only the barn. It could have been much worse. We will probably have to remove a few more pine trees that are close to the house as a precautionary measure.

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