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Nigerian Dwarf Goats Love to Play

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats Cocoa and Mocha love to play! Source: SHAPE Eco Farm

Aftermath of Storm at SHAPE Eco Farm


On January 11th a large storm producing record winds of 86 mph went through parts of North Carolina. Our property in Wake Forest was one of the places to be impacted by the storm. …

Home Delivery at SHAPE Eco Farm


On January 9th, our modular home was delivered to SHAPE Eco Farm. The scenario for building our home is not what you would initially picture when you think of home construction. Instead of an …

SHAPE Micro-loan recipient Theo Graduates from School


Interview of Theophile Muvurajabo What degree did you earn? I earned a Bachelor degree in social work and community development What was the most challenging part of your studies? The most challenging part was …

Christmas Party for Sponsorship Kids


Twenty-two of SHAPE’s sponsored children were part of our annual Christmas party for 2013. Each child received a gift bag, candy, soap, a soft drink, a meal, and a new set of clothes. These …

Rabbit Home Construction and Tree Planting


On SHAPE Eco Farm this week, we focused on building Joshua’s rabbit hutch (Joshua is above), planting a fig tree, and moving limbs so they can be put through a chipper. Joshua really has …

A Firm Foundation for SHAPE Eco Farm


For SHAPE Eco Farm we are starting from scratch which requires careful planning. Building in this manner has its stressful moments, but it is rewarding to see the completion of the various projects that …

New Barn Arrives To SHAPE Eco Farm


The tree removal for our home on SHAPE Eco Farm is now complete. Space was also cleared for our new barn. It was amazing to watch the bull dozer remove the trees with little …

Planting Fruit Trees on SHAPE Eco Farm


Next on the agenda was planting fruit trees in our fruit orchard. We chose Cauley, Honey Crisp, Blushing Delight, and Wolf River apple varieties. For the fig we decided upon Celeste and may get …

SHAPE Eco Farm’s Journey Begins


As we speak (or as I type), the SHAPE Eco Farm project is under way! This exciting family endeavor is well on its way. The papers are signed and the land is ours. The …