A Clean Water Solution

Families gather water from streams that contain disease causing bacteria and parasites

One of the most basic needs in the communities where SHAPE works is clean water. Without access to clean water, communities in rural Burundi suffer from the constant threat of water borne diseases, claiming the lives of thousands of children under the age of 5 each year. Women and children must walk for hours to retrieve water, leaving little time for work or school.

In June 2010, SHAPE introduced the Hays PureWater electrolysis water system in the Rugombo Commune of Burundi. Since then we have fielded 17 water units with the help of a team from Harmony Bible Church in Iowa. This team trained 30 representatives from Rugombo to take these units into each village. With this project we are now providing clean water for up to 45,000 people.

Donations to the Clean Water Project are used to purchase water units for villages in Burundi.

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