Water Tanks in Burundi

Second water tank for a community in Kamakara, Burundi

Water tank for a community in Kamakara, Burundi



From 2015 through 2017 we built 4 water tanks for schools and one community water tank. Our partner in Burundi, Imagine Terimbere hired local workers in the community to build each tank. The tanks provide clean drinking water to more than 4000 children and adults.

Water tanks cost $1500 - $2000 to build depending on the tank size. We accept Donations through Paypal.

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How Will Funds Be Used?

The funds we raise will be used to hire local labor to collect rocks and cut them into blocks for the tank, to purchase mortar for the blocks, to purchase piping for the tank, to build the tank and to build a rain catchment system to fill the tank.

WaterTank1 WaterTank2 CommunityTank WaterTank4 WaterTank3