Clean Cookstoves

The Protos stove runs off plant oils

Cooking in developing countries where SHAPE International works is primarily done using charcoal or wood. The result is massive deforestation where years of harvesting trees for wood and charcoal has destroyed the landscape. In Haiti, the effect can be plainly seen in the bare mountains and vast stretches of land with not a single tree left standing. Environmentally, the result is erosion and flooding. Wood and charcoal use also produces harmful smoke that kills 2 million people annually from respiratory illnesses.

Our objective is to introduce clean cookstoves into the communities of Burundi and Haiti where we are currently working. We started field testing with the Protos stove in 2011. The Protos operates by preheating the stove burner using a small amount of alcohol. After about 5 minutes of preheating, the burner is hot enough to run off of plant oil. Because it burns plant oils, the stove is CO2 neutral and 10 times cleaner than a kerosene stove. The fuel savings over scarce charcoal resources are significant.

A demonstration of the Protos stove in Haiti

We are investigating other stove technologies as well, including improved charcoal stoves that burn charcoal more efficiently and reduce hazardous smoke. We are working with a company that is developing a briquette stove that will burn briquettes made from biomass that can easily be found in rural communities.

Donations to the clean cookstoves program are used to support field tests of the stoves in Burundi and Haiti. We use funds to purchase stoves and to teach the locals how to operate the stoves.

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