Plant Oil Production

Pedal Powered Jatropha Sheller/Oil Extractor

Plant oils are a versatile product, providing the raw material to make biodiesel, lamp oil, and soap. There are even stoves that will burn plant oils. As our plant oil farm expands, we are developing inexpensive ways to process the oil to provide an income source for the communities where the oil seeds are growing.

A friend of SHAPE, Amilio Aviles, helped one of our partners develop a pedal powered machine to shell and crush oil seeds. We believe pedal powered machines could transform poor communities by providing a low cost, efficient means of processing oil seeds.

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Sewing Center

We are working with Imagine to teach women sewing in Kamakara, Cibitoke. The products the women sew are sold in their communities to provide a steady income for their families. The photos are of five women who were taught to sew sanitary pads. The project materials were provided by SHAPE International and Crossroads Fellowship Church. The pattern and teaching materials were provided by GAIN.

Community Development

We raise money for community development projects managed by our partner, Imagine Terimbere. Imagine Terimbere teaches Burundi communities to raise their own food in community gardens and to make and sell products to support their families. Our current projects with Imagine include a women's center and building water tanks for community schools.

Women's Center

Soap Production

Helping to Boost the Local Economy

We have partnered with Imagine and Pacha Soap to provide health and hygiene training in Burundi, Africa. Our partners are promoting sustainability by building soap making shops that employ local people and use local ingredients to make soap. Funds raised go towards building kiosks where soap and other products are sold.


A Clean Water Solution

A Clean Water Solution

In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, a child will die from a water related disease. Surprisingly, 1 out of 8 people in the world still do not have access to clean water.

Through our partnership with Imagine, we are hiring local workers in Burundi to build water tanks. The tanks hold between 1000 and 1500 gallonsĀ of rain water for drinking. We have provided clean drinking water to 3500 children with water tanks at 4 schools.

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