Providing for Children

We had a Christmas party where the kids received new outfits and gifts.

The future of a country lies with the children. If a country cannot provide for its children, the cycle of poverty is destined to continue. When we visited children in rural villages of Burundi, we witnessed this poverty firsthand – children with missing and tattered clothing, children suffering from malnutrition, and children whose parents were too poor to send them to school.

The desire to break this cycle of poverty is what motivated us to launch a program for school children in Burundi in August 2011. With the help of our donors, we are providing school uniforms and school supplies to children in the poorest villages of Burundi. At least half of the children in these villages are too poor to attend school. Their parents cannot afford the books and school supplies that are needed. In many cases, the children that stay home are put to work in the fields or help carry water long distances. Without an education, they are trapped in the same poverty as their parents with no hope of escape.

Donations to our children's program are divided among the children to pay for their school supplies, clothing, and food. Every child in our program receives a nutritious meal after school. The children receive tutoring and they sing, pray and study the Bible together. We have 23 children in our program and we hope to add many more in the coming year.

Sponsor a Child